Austin & Austen

I took a break from weddings this summer and have yet to post some of my favorite wedding from this past year. In the next coming weeks I am going to be posting a throwback of some of my favorite weddings I shot in 2016. One of those was Austin & Austen’s wedding. Yes, you read that correct! They both have the same name! From the beginning Austen knew exactly what she wanted in her photos. Our style, ideas, and creativity meshed beautifully together and we were able to create some of my favorite photos to date. I look back on this wedding and can’t help but smile. At the time that I shot this wedding I worked form a company out of Denver and they had contracted out a second shooter to work with me. The second shooter never showed up so Austen and I just went with the flow and still had time to take all the photos on her list. These two have now been married over a year. It’s been a minute since these were taken but I still love them just the same!



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